About the Owner

unnamed-87x150Lisa Ditchkoff’s background is working with non-profits ranging from Big Brothers Big Sisters as a Case Manager to working for Youth and Family Services. During, she also coordinated events ranging from CPR trainings to Sumo Wrestling contests. When her brother passed away at the age of 32 in 2003, she realized just how short life is. She dreamed of someday owning a unique event venue but realized that dreams don’t always happen quickly. As a stepping stone, she started her first business, Professional Event Planning Services (a.k.a. “P.E.P.S.”) only a week after returning from her brother’s funeral.

Lisa has owned three businesses in the past ten years and is currently owner of The Bottling Plant Event Center which opened doors partially in 2010. She is actively involved in the community, and has contributed to building the capacity of multiple non-profits not limited to Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Auburn Football Lettermen Club. She has also contributed to the fundraising success of several community projects such as the Billy Hitchcock Miracle Field Complex (entire environment for people with disabilities) and the 50th Anniversary of the Dixie Youth World Series.

In August 2013, Lisa launched her memoir “The Girl with the Caterpillar Eyebrows: Survival. Resilience. Triumph.,” which is more than just a compilation of heartbreaking tragedies, lessons learned, and words of encouragement to others facing extraordinary obstacles. It’s a story of never giving up hope no matter how difficult any situation not limited to overcoming illiteracy or the domino effect on businesses and education systems due to the economic downturn. Ditchkoff believes it’s important, especially more so today, to tell her story because she believes so many have given up hope. You can read more about the memoir on her site.

Please feel free to contact Lisa directly at or 334-705-5466.